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AptaFund Update 154 has been released to Production.
Please logon to the AptaFund Support Page, point to Downloads, and click on Documents to get the Release Notes for Update 154.
Once there, point to the Downloads menu item and click on Documentation. Choose "Apta" in the Division drop-down, "AptaFund 3.0" in Family, and "Release Notes" in Category.

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Note - The first time you visit the AptaFund Login Page, you will be prompted to install the "Remote Desktop ActiveX Control" from Microsoft. Please click "yes". The installation will take a few seconds, and then you can click the "Connect" button to log in to AptaFund. (This link opens a pop-up.)

to My AptaFund Documents Help

Please refer to these instructions for using the Secure Document Download Site
AptaFund Secure Document Download Instructions

If you experience problems logging on to AptaFund or My AptaFund Documents, click the "Help" links on this page. If you still experience problems, please contact AptaFund Support at or logon to Harris Support.


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